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Ask Tia Tuesday: Fall Makeup Transitioning Woes

This weeks question comes from R. Caldwell: Help, the weather is changing and I need help transitioning my makeup routine into fall. See the season change as a way to break […]


Nailing Down Fall Trends With Cenita Scott

Sequins! Velvet! Tweed! Oh My! This fall season is abundant with rich texture! Wait for it…and so will your nails!  This trend translates to nails via the infusion of glitter […]


Ask Tia Tuesday: Foundation Woes

This weeks question comes from C. Thomas: How can I avoid a caked look when applying foundation? Other than choosing a lighter formula, try using a latex sponge (dampening it […]

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Commercial Fun With Organic Root Stimulator

So recently I had the opportunity of working on a cute commercial for Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Built-In Protection No-Lye Relaxer System. I truly enjoyed working on this commercial shoot […]


Ask Tia Tuesday: Where Should I Apply My Highlighter?

This weeks question comes from P. Lee: I want my skin to glow so where should I apply my highlighter? You can apply a highlighter on your brow bone, down […]

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Do You Have Back Acne Woes?

It’s now summertime and it’s the perfect time to flash a little back via cute maxi dresses and tops so I wanted to give you some quick & easy tips […]

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Johnson’s Baby Care Council + Makeup Fun

I’m so honored to be a Brand Ambassador for the Johnson’s Brand and recently I had the opportunity of visiting their headquarters in Skillman, NJ. This visit was infused with […]


My Top 5 Beauty Products/Gadgets

In recent weeks my schedule has been pretty hectic with work, hence my brief absence from my love, my blog. I have so many upcoming post that I think I’m […]


Ask Tia Tuesday: Help With Ruddy Cheeks

This weeks question comes from S. Maxwell: How can I disguise my ruddy cheeks? If you suffer from rosacea, try using a foundation with a green undertone or a green […]


Ask Tia Tuesday: What Blush Colors Will Work On My Dark Skin?

This weeks question comes from F. Green: Can you tell me what blush colors will work on my dark skin: Try accentuating the natural warmth in your skin by choosing […]


Ask Tia Tuesday: Need Lipstick To Last: One Coat or Two?

This weeks ask question comes from M. Hughes: I have an engagement party coming up and I need my lipstick to last for a lengthy time can you give me […]


Before You Purchase That New Product…READ!

It is no surprise that I loveeee experimenting with new products and introducing my clients to new products that will help them maintain healthy skin. When I’m sent a product […]