10 Tips To Being A Great Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist I get asked lots of crucial questions by young makeup artist trying to plant their feet firm in this industry. So I wanted to give some […]


Ask Tia Tuesday!

This weeks question comes from T. Smith: My skin has been really dry this winter do you have any tips for me? Yes, I certainly do. I would advise you […]


My Newest Beauty Essentials By COVERGIRL

One spring trend I’m looking forward to is BRIGHT & BOLD lips. Lately, I been very fond of wearing bold lips and my lipstick of choice is Spellbound 325 by […]


Adele Graces Vogue

When you hear Adele’s name its not only attached to good music but now she is also a Grammy Award winner. When I laid eyes on this cover, I couldn’t […]


Jennifer Hudson’s Tribute to Whitney Houston

As was the world, I was saddened by the news of Whitney Houston’s passing. I had not gotten the opportunity to work with her but I remember years ago as I […]


5 Products That Make Me Happy!

I absolutely love finding new products to fall in love with and I also love keeping some of my older products around that I can trust. You might say that […]


Switch It Up for Valentine’s Day

Traditionally for Valentine’s Day the top two lip color choices are red and pink, but this year let’s change it up a bit. Instead of wearing the typical lip colors try wearing […]


Have You Made Plans For Valentine’s Day?

I made a vow that this Valentine’s Day will not catch me off guard. I’m already thinking of some ways I will celebrate with my Hubby. He has officially designated […]


Get Ready To Spring Forward With A New Look!

One of my favorite seasons of the year just happens to be SPRING. I absolutely love the transition from the brutally cold weather to nice, lovely easy breezy weather. ‘Tis […]

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Wanna See What’s In My Makeup Bag?

One of my favorite things to do is look into my friends makeup bags to see if they are cleaning their makeup brushes and to see what products they use […]


Date Night Tips For Looking Fab

You might be heading out for a night on the town, a first date or a romantic dinner with your Husband. All day you’ve been stressing about what your gonna wear, how […]


New Feature With Great Tips

I want to share a recent interview I did with Mami’s Time Out for the Latina spice of life! I shared great tips that I want to share with my readers […]